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Our Work

The following are a few examples of our government contracting projects.

The Client – A Small Business and a GSA Customer Assistance Visit

A small business was undergoing a GSA (General Services Administration) Customer Assistance Visit. Over the past five years, the client had received one EXCEPTIONAL report card and one with concerns noted.

The Environment

An upcoming GSA procurement was of interest to the small business. Therefore, an EXCEPTIONAL rating was highly desired.

AVISTA Assistance – Contract Management

AVISTA personnel are knowledgeable and experienced with GSA visits. AVISTA participated in the client’s GSA visit and assisted the client’s accounting, billing, and contracts personnel in answering questions and providing appropriate information.

The Outcome

The client received an EXCEPTIONAL rating with no concerns noted.

The Client – A Small Business and a Modification Challenge

A small business needed a subcontract labor mix modification from their prime to continue support to a DoD government customer. The small business had submitted a written request; however, the prime requested additional details and the modification appeared unlikely.

The Environment

The small business subcontractor was under contract to support an upcoming Government meeting and prepare inputs for a critical Government document. However, the subcontract did not allow the subcontractor to expend hours above the total hours stated in the subcontract. The small business was nearing a stop-work situation.

AVISTA Assistance - Contract Management

AVISTA briefed the small business on the prime contractor's terms and conditions as it related to labor hour modifications (a 10% variance was available to the prime as long as the total hours issued to the prime were not exceeded). AVISTA contacted the prime, acquired some additional contract and Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) information, and provided guidance to the small business on the modification request letter.

The Outcome

The client received a subcontract modification in a timely manner allowing them to continue their services without any impact to the Government's schedule. In addition, the client was able to invoice their total hours to the prime. All cash flow concerns were averted.


The Client – A Small Business and a GSA Modification

A small business needed a modification to their GSA (General Services Administration) schedule. The addition of a new labor category and a modification to a current labor category description was desired.

The Environment

The small business needed the modification in order to respond to an open solicitation with a 30 day turnaround.

AVISTA Assistance - Contract Management

Knowing that GSA will only consider modification requests from contractors who are in compliance with their contract, AVISTA reviewed the client's contract status. AVISTA assisted the client with uploading their current pricelist on GSA Advantage. AVISTA ensured all registrations in the System for Award Management (SAM) were current, accurate and complete and all GSA mandatory mass modifications were submitted and accepted. AVISTA prepared the modification request and outlined the supporting detail to be submitted with the GSA eMod request.

The Outcome

The modification was processed by GSA within three days of receipt.