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Who We Are

AVISTA Strategies is a business consulting firm assisting clients in the federal government market space. With headquarters in the Huntsville Alabama metropolitan area, AVISTA has the perfect location to assist highly educated entrepreneurs, as well as Fortune 500 companies in reaching their goals of developing cutting edge technology and expanding their defense and space-related services.

AVISTA Strategies was established in 2012 by Mary Taylor Griffith, a twenty-five year government contractor veteran. Her experience includes roles in large, mid-tier, and small nationally-recognized organizations. Her experience spans the complete life-cycle of government contracting and includes senior management positions in strategy development and operations management. Read more about Mary Taylor Griffith.


About Our Name

We are often asked how we arrived at the name AVISTA Strategies. Several names made the final cut. The potential corporate names portrayed our zeal for our work, our desire to provide a life-cycle view for our clients (i.e. vista), or the strategic nature of our consulting work.

The word Strategies was a natural choice to be part of the name, but our founder wanted a name that started with an "A." The name AVISTA Strategies was envisioned and placed on the list along with other possibilities. Our founder was floored and after a long pause, she made the final decision. More than capturing the vision and purpose of our company, AVISTA also had special meaning to our founder. Her mother’s first name is AVIS and her mother’s last name starts with the letters TA!